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Ananda Marga Gurukula is a global organisation that promotes the Neohumanist vision for a better world through education. Currently active in over fifty countries, Gurukula inspires Neohumanist education programs in thousands of schools around the globe, aiming to nurture a new generation inspired by love and compassion for people and the planet.

In Taiwan Gurukula managed programs include The Ecology of Joy, Blissful Child Kids Yoga teacher training, The Earth Lovers Family environmental storytelling program, the Neohumanist Choir and many other activities.

This website serves as a platform for the wide variety of activities and aims to facilitate communication and coordination.

The Ecology of Joy

The Ecology of Joy is a program developed by Dada Caetanyananda to deepen our presence in every day life. Through bringing attention to every action we grow not only personally but also bring balance into our lives.  The programs are being applied in China and Taiwan.

The Earth Lovers Family (ELF)

The ELF program we offer is an environmental storytelling program based on the Circle of Love curriculum. The program offers stories, extension activities and props for schools and home use. Many of the stories are also available on the ELF Youtube channel.

Blissful Child - Kids Yoga

The Blissful Child Kids Yoga Teacher Training program has inspired thousands of teachers in South East Asia to apply yoga and Quiet Time techniques in schools.


Upcoming Activities

The first comprehensive NHE Teacher Training.

March 25-26 we will have a kids yoga festival in Taichung.

We offer regular meditation and yoga programs.